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Personality Traits and Value Based Insights

We’re continuously looking for relationships between psychographics and products / brands.

Check out some of our recent findings.

We Have millions of profiled products

Our database contains insights on consumers of millions of products. We can
support what-if analysis without the need for surveys or focus groups



Readily available psychographic insights can help you
optimize across a number of areas:

Delivery Channels

Competitive Positioning


Product Features

Ideal Interactions

Ideal Customer Targeting

We can provide detailed psychographic profiles of your customers
(or your competitors’) across products and over time.

Create psychographic segments of consumers of any product or

service: yours or someone else’s.

Understand the consumer segment from a behaviour

motivation point of view.

Respond to:

– Messages relating to feelings vs. facts
– Current trends and pop-culture

Respond to:

– Limited time offers
– Offers close to time of purchase

Target criteria:

– Add FB tags: XXXX and YYYY
– Add Twitter tags: AAAA and BBBB

Tweak and tailor marketing or product development efforts based on the deep

 psychological understanding of your target customer.

Leverage human insights to predict customer behavior.

Historically, we’ve analyzed behavior to attempt to anderstand customers (e.g. actions-based collaborative filtering)

While this approach still yields good results, it doesn't answer the question “why?”. Nor does it necessarily help predict the next action

Understanding an individuals traits and values; hoverer, yields much more powerful insights for predicting behaviour. We now “know” the individual

This approach changes the way in which we can target customers, predict product preferences, and enhance customer experience.

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